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The Second City's Distinguished Overseers

The Second City's Distinguished Overseers

Who are these guys? Here are some hints:

- Their terra cotta portrait heads adorn the entrance of The Second City in Chicago
- They’re not Americans; they’re Germans
- They got their "start" in October 1892
- They first appeared at the Schiller theater, which was later renamed and became the renown Garrick theater.
- They moved twice during their existence (from the Garrick at 54 West Randolph Street, to The Second City's first home at 1846 North Wells, and finally to their current dwelling at 1616 North Wells)

Actually, their true identities are somewhat of a mystery and subject to debate. If you think you know who they are, feel free to comment.

(Based on extensive research, I believe I know who they are - and I have completed a research article documenting my investigation. I hope to have it published on The Second City's website in the near future; but if not, I'll post it here on my blog.)

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