First Post - Purpose of this Blog
Where the Famous Congregate in Chicago

What’s in a name? A lot, to a new blogger.

When I finally decided I was interested in blogging, my first big decision [after choosing TypePad as my blogging service] was to come-up with a catchy blog name.  Having come late to the party so-to-speak, I quickly realized that just about every name I could imagine was already being used (including every variation of my relatively common birth name). 

Probably like a lot of other new bloggers, I initially thought about having a name which incorporated the words, “rantings of . . .,” “ramblings of . . .,” or “musings of . . .”  But, after some Googling, I quickly realized that all the potential “rantings,” “ramblings,” and “musings” were already being exploited - along with just about everything else I could think-of as being creative or unique to me. 

While perusing TypePad's website (i.e., the “Weblog Basics” section), I read that a blog is often a “reflection of its writer” and “what you’re writing about.”  Thus, it was suggested that the blog’s name be “memorable and unique,” avoiding names like “weblog,” “ramblings,” or “writings.”  It was also recommended that the blogger be “succinct and let your personality shine,” noting that “nicknames often work well, as well as catch words from books, sayings, or quotes.”

After studying the dictionary for a while and Googling a myriad of possibilities, I finally found two words which seemed to be generally under-utilized in cyberspace, particularly in combination with each other.

And, as strange as these two words seem together, “Errant Inquisitor” is a name that describes me fairly well.

According to The American Heritage College Dictionary, “errant” is defined as: Roving, especially in search of adventure; straying from the proper course or standards; and/or, wandering outside established limits.  “Inquisitor” is defined as: One who inquires or makes an inquisition, especially an excessively rigorous or harsh questioner.  (And, of course, inquisition is the act of inquiring into a matter; an investigation.)

So, in case you were wondering, that's how I came-up with my blog name.

Disclaimer: In no way do I wish to be associated with the Spanish Inquisition (unless, of course, it is done with Monty Python-like seriousness).