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The “Perfect Person” - How to Perfect Your Life


You never really have understood the word until you think about how you are the exact opposite.


Everyone wants to be perfect.  Is it their own insecurities?  Are they worried no one likes them, or do they want everyone to like them? 

Face it, you’ve wished it before.  The perfect hair, perfect clothes, perfect body, and perfect personality.  I’ve done it, too.  It’s hard not to.  The real question is, how desperate are you?

Just want to be a kind person, or do you want the perfect body?  Would you go through the thought, work, and money? 

What if I told you there was a way to perfect yourself?  And it’s totally painless. Would you do it?Come on, I know you’re hooked now.

So I guess you are insecure, and you want to be perfect.  Here’s to you for wanting to change! But enough about you.  Let me tell you how to perfect your life . . .

(Sorry!  My daughter - Micki Burton, never finished this little “Dr. Phil” essay.  I just recently discovered it, tucked away in one of her old “Peanuts” (comic strip character) note tablets.  She must have written it in seventh or eighth grade.  If she ever finishes it, I’ll post the answer to “how to perfect your life.”)

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