What’s in a name? A lot, to a new blogger.

First Post - Purpose of this Blog

After a criminal investigative career during which I served in four distinct Federal governmental agencies (along with a brief stint in a State attorney general’s office), I retired to a life of trying to be a good father while also dabbling in some freelance writing. 

However, once an investigator, always an investigator, and the desire to address perceived wrongs and injustices doesn’t disappear in retirement.  So, here I am, stating my observations and opinions in the event anyone is interested.  (And, even if no one is interested, at least I'll feel better about having "spoken my mind.")

I consider everything fair game for comment, although being from Chicago, I have a particular interest in political corruption and traditional organized crime. 

Having lived an investigator's life, I will do my best to remain objective and to try recognize and suppress in myself, those human biases I often detect in all forms of media - although my inherent sarcastic nature may get the best of me at times.

Thus, it is my goal to put the education and experience of an investigative career in government to some productive use in retirement.  Hopefully, it may somehow benefit someone.

And, of course, what good is a blog if a person can’t throw-in some other unrelated, miscellaneous subjects of personal interest?  (And I will.)